My name is Nancy DeMoss, and I thought it would be nice to let you get to know a little bit about me and my husband, Jesse.  I've had few passions in my life; training horses and dogs, line dancing, and photography.  Because they've been few and far between, I've always been able to dedicate 110% of my time and effort taking each of them by the reins and making them more than just hobbies, and more like obsessions.

I started riding horses when I was in the 4th grade. (We won’t go into how long ago that was).  As time went by, my passion for animals only grew stronger.  In 1975, I bought and successfully ran the "Back Five Training Stables" in Bismarck. IL. I broke and trained horses, boarded, and gave riding instruction for over 10 years.  After a divorce, I moved to Iowa where I worked for a year at a breeding farm, where I fitted colts for halter.

In 1984, I moved back home to Danville, and met my husband, Jesse.  We have now been married for 32 years.  We raised our son Jamie who served in the USAF for 14 years and is now a Navy civilian and he married a beautiful southern belle, Julie, and we now have the pleasure of having two beautiful granddaughters now living in Mississippi.  

We were introduced to country dance, and begin dancing endlessly with a couple different dance groups.  After truly becoming obsessed with country dancing, Jesse and I started a dance group of our own.  As we, and many of our friends, were trying to think of a name for our group, at midnight, one of the guys said “hey, did you see the full moon?” We all went out to see and (you guessed it) howled.  Hence the name "Midnight Howlers" was born.  We have chosen to keep the name to use for all of our businesses.

The Midnight Howlers country dance group was a huge success!  I was promoted to Eastern Illinois State country line dance instructor, and our group had formed two demonstration teams, traveling around IL and IN performing.  I did all the choreography and teaching and Jess ran the DJ equipment.  (A man with a microphone is a dangerous thing)  Along the way we added some crazy demonstration’s complete with costumes.  After about 10 years of success, country dance died out around Danville, and the teams dissolved, but I still taught at the senior citizens center with a wonderful group of people for over 14 years.

During the highlight of our dance years, my husband Jesse was shipped off to serve in Desert Storm.  He returned safely 7 months later, and is now retired after 22 years in the Army.  Jesse grew up loving and raising different kinds of animals.  I believe he got his love for animals from his dad who worked in the forestry side of IL. Power Company.  I still love to hear the stories about his dad putting small living things in his lunchbox to bring home to nurse back to health.  Mom got to where she wouldn’t open his lunch box till she knew the coast was clear.  

Jess is really great at designing and building things that help with our studio and kennel.  Our only problem is that he can’t see what I have designed in my head and I can’t explain it so he just builds it his way and it always works  He worked for Bullocks garages for 10 years, and spent his free time honing his skills at home.  He created everything from stick horses for our demos, to building an elaborate dog house for me to show my off my puppies.  It is equipped with its own fenced in yard, fire hydrant and flag pole, and front porch with shutters and a rocking chair.  I didn’t’ get the picture window and air conditioning. He also makes the frames out of barn wood for all of my pictures; He designed and helped put together the photo studio and kennel.  

For the past 18 years, Jesse  worked as a truck driver, and is now retired and helps me at home with the kennel, which gives him ample time to support me in all my ventures.  Sometimes I think he drives to get away from all the honey due lists I keep making for him.  I couldn’t do it without him.  He is my biggest supporter and helps me to pull things together and keep it running. 

The photography studio is keeping me very busy with pets, people and places.  I have done many senior pictures and my prices will outdo anybody.  I no longer travel to do photography because I need to be close by to take care of my kennel and my puppies because they are my priority, but I will still take pictures if you come to me.