In order to continue providing your pets with adequate care, and keep our prices down, we at Midnight Howler have implemented a couple new policies that will take effect as of September 1st 2018.

The STOP sign on the gate is there for a reason.  We don't want dogs accidentally let loose and we don't want you or your pet to be injured while trying to get your dogs to our kennel. 

We MUST be informed that you are on our property so that we can help you safely escort your dogs around to our kennel.

When LEAVING the gated area, please help us by double checking that the gate is secured.  We always check our gates, but we have had problems in the past when someone goes back to grab their belongings and have forgotten to secure our gates.

Please extend us this courtesy as we welcome you into our place of business, and our home. 
This is for everyone's piece of mind and protection.

Clients whose dogs need medications will need to abide by the following rule:

We have tried to accommodate everyone, however we are not vetrenarians.  We do not mind giving pills at meal times, but we cannot medicate your pets more than twice per day, or at intervals other than meal time.  We are a family owned business, and there are times when have errands to run and outside obligations to take care of, and therefore will not be available at every hour of the day.

It is difficult for us to ensure that your pets get their medication at specific times when we are caring for multiple dogs, with different medications at separate intervals.  We opened our kennel to the public as a service to you, but we are not a veteranary clinic.

So, if you dogs require special attention, then we are going to refer you to your veterarian.  We are experts in kenneling, and they are experts in health care and dealing with medications.