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Welcome to Midnight Howler
Welcome to the Midnight Howler Kennel

We at the Midnight Howler Kennel have always "treated your pets as though they were our own”.  This is the model that we have used from day one and we stand by it.  We have been caring for your pets since 2004 and have enjoyed our hundreds of doggy clients. We don’t care what size they are; we charge the same price whether your dog is large or small and we don’t charge extra for holidays. We are open on all holidays regardless of the weather. You don’t have to pay extra if you need to pick up your dog after normal business hours on a certain day or time.  We charge you for the day you drop off through and including the day you pick up regardless of the time because we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. You can make arrangements for others to pick up your dog as long as we are aware of it.  We would never release your dog to someone that you haven't authorized in writing.  You can drop off your dog anytime and pick them up anytime as long as you call and let us know you are on the way.  

The kennel is on our property so someone is almost always here during the day and always home at night.  Your pets are taken care of by us and not by paid staff that you won't meet and don’t even know,   We take great pride in knowing you and your pet as well as we can. We understand that your dog is part of your family and that you have concerns about their welfare, because ours dogs are part of our family.  

Our kennel is climate controlled.  We like to open the doors up whenever possible to let them see outside and enjoy the weather. We have recently upgraded our kennels.  We now offer five 4' x 6' kennels with raised floors and swinging food doors. We also replaced our four 5' x 10' kennels and installed 5' x 10' mats in them.  Our property is also equipped with video cameras, motion detectors and night lights to keep your pets safe.  Your pet is turned out multiple times a day to stretch their legs and explore. We have a 6 foot high fenced in yard for your pets to romp around in. It is treated for bugs so that your pets don’t take home any extra friends.

We are small in size, but that affords us the opportunity to provide personal and individual care for each dog we kennel.  We strive to accommodate as many clients possible so that your dogs can enjoy their safety and comfort and you can enjoy the best prices and 24 hour availability.  You can call and check on your dogs anytime day or night.  I am retired, so my life literally revolves around caring for your dogs as well as my own.  We are here for you. 

We look forward to serving you!

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