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Welcome to Midnight Howler
Welcome to the Midnight Howler Kennel & Photography

We are a 24/7/365 business.  You can drop off your dog(s) any time day or night even on holidays. We don't raise our prices because it's a weekend or holiday,  you just need to call us and let us know what time is convenient for YOU.  Our moto is "Treating your pets like they're our own", and we love our pets. There are very few times someone is not here, but, always someone here at night. We have night lights, motion dectectors and cameras set up to keep your pets and mine safe.  Please be sure to bring current health papers showing that their yearly shots are up to date; this includes kennel cough.

Since we began our business we have been continuing to learn everything we can about dogs, running a kennel and professional photography.  You can never know enough, but attending college courses, reading all the literature we can find, and our continuous experience, we are confident that we can provide affordable and quality services to our community.

We are striving to provide the greatest services around with prices that are affordable to everyone.  We are hard working people just like you and we know a dollar doesn't stretch as far as it used to. We have effectively made our kennel a place where your dogs can eat, sleep, and relax in a safe and healthy enironment.  We are constantly working to improve the looks of our Kennel, and safety is our #1 priority.  We treat our yard with bug control to keep it as flea free as possible.  We also fog the yard to take care of the flying critters.  We clean our facilities several times throughout the day to keep it healthy.

Our photo studio offers a variety of backgrounds and props and now green screen, but you are always welcome to bring your own at no additional charge.  We are lucky enough to have wonderful neighbors that allow us use their waterfront properties for outside pictures.  You'll notice that I take a lot of photos for every occasion; this is to make absolutely sure you get the ones you like, and if there is still something not quite right, I will digitally fix it for you.  I will also allow you to pick your own pictures to print and change them to black and white if you prefer before I put them on your complimentary CD.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We love our lives here at Midnight Howler because along the way we have been very fortunate to meet very wonderful people and their pets.  We have a very large client base even though we are a small kennel and most of our clients know to book well in advance.  We try to keep a couple kennels open for emergencies and last minute changes in schedules. Some of our clients have quickly become close friends and part of our extended family.  We hope you too will welcome us as your friend and neighbor.

We look forward to serving you.

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